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Fischer Panda fresh water-cooled, asynchronous marine diesel generators are smaller, lighter, quieter and more fuel-efficient than the conventional synchronous generators. Synchronous generators generally use air to cool the stator and rotor windings. Fischer Panda Generators uses a 100% fresh water-cooled asynchronous stator winding and a magnetic rotor that has no windings, brushes or diodes. This unique fresh water-cooled design cools the stator with almost 100% efficiency, resulting in consistent power output. With the asynchronous designed generator end, we have fewer moving parts, which reduce the number of components that need to be maintained.

Generator Models:

  • PMS 4200 ECO
  • PMS 4200 Plus
  • PMS 6500
  • PMS 08 DP
  • PMS 12 DP
  • PMS 15 DP
  • PMS 20 DP

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